Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When in Rome

We set out to Galleria Borghese on foot and walked through an amazing park... and found out you need to buy tickets in advance... damn you Italy!

 So we went to the zoo next door... not a bad consolation prize.

The giraffe ran laps for us... like a boss... still... our zoo in Toronto is way better... take that Bob Barker.

The only free thing in Rome... sometimes you can drink out of the fountains and sometimes you can't... but it still tastes kinda funny.

People watching at the Trevi Fountain should be an event... you see old men with magnets on the end of retractable wands fishing euro out of the fountains... tons of people doing the picture scam... and even local guys trying to pick up single ladies travelling alone... they even bring an extra helmet to wisk them away on their scooters... smooth... and creepy.

Trevi crowd above... bring a beer and clutch your bag.

I will never have pasta this good again... I am still coming to terms with this.

The Pantheon!

The architecture in Rome is mind blowing and at every turn... this doorway was on a side street around the corner from Campo de' Fiori an outdoor market.

They will literally let anybody into the Vatican.

There was NO line... until you got inside... then we were promptly herded like sheep for 20 minutes until we out ran the giant groups.

The opulence was off the charts... it almost became ho hum after a while.

Then you run into an Otto Dix painting! What is a vacation without Otto Dix?!?!?

Then Francis Bacon... I'll give that to the Vatican... they also have controversial catholic art in their museums... and two of my favourites!

More $$$

The best part about the Vatican isn't the Vatican itself... it's the ten or so shops across the road that sell all the religious kitsch... where else can you get lighters and beer openers with the popes face plastered all over it? I don't know how I managed before my Pope John Paul coffee mug.

And Mussolini? Sure why not?

St Peter's Basilica... and just when I thought I knew Ashley she informed me she finds it funny when people pray... giggle giggle... good times!

People mimicking Pope hand signs... similar to gang signs... kids these days!

I tried out for the Swiss guard... I didn't make the cut.

Mystery Pope Theatre.

Then there was the enoteca that clearly the Pope made right around the corner from our hotel... it was 100 yards of wine in the basement... we bought some.

Rice Ball.



The End.

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