Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day six.

What is a trip to Paris without a bottle of wine...
I took this picture to make the Swissisters (Esther & Adriana) jealous... the land where wine is cheaper than water.
Maybe the best thing I've EVER put into my mouth... éclair chocolate.
Next we went to Musée Rodin...
maybe the highlight of the trip for me.
In the garden.
I wished my Mom was there to enjoy the roses.
Ashley took this photo... what a pervert...
wait... that was my idea... and I'm supposed to be the grown up...
so much for maturity.
Girls love their picture taken while eating...
yet somehow Ashley's still adorable.
This is what happens when you have too much cheese and not enough bread... four different kinds of cheese on the last piece...
good times... I gained five pounds in 20 seconds... I'm not gonna say it wasn't worth it.
What was left.
Plus... we took that knife through three metal detectors...
and not one person noticed... so much for Parisian security.
Inside the Musée Rodin.... what a beautiful old house.
Once again... me being a jackass.
The Cry.
Looking out onto the gardens one last time.
Next the Louvre.
It was beyond crowded... and I must say not that impressive...
I felt like I was in a mall browsing stolen goods...
all the while surrounded by pushy people and blinded by
hundreds of flashes.
Venus de Milo.
Not so impressive... pfffffft... been there... done that!
R.I.P. Velma.
Picture of the trip goes to Ashley...
dog... foot... penis... money!
Patty cake... patty cake... monkey man.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day five.

Today we went to Versailles.
i'm almost too tired to type.
So much walking....
This is the orangerie. Amazing.
We saw people trimming the hedges by hand.
There were oranges, pomegranates, limes, plums (sorta), peaches.
Small Brock. Big stairs.
One thing i've learned about Brock:
He hates cherubs.
A lot.
Miranda told Brock,
"Once you've seen one gold room, you've seen them all."
She was right.
The highlight of Versailles was Marie Antoinette's house.
This was her bedroom. And her furniture.
i was going to make a joke about all the men she brought home...
but they clearly wouldn't have fit in that tiny bed.
This is the Queen's Hamlet...
très beau.
Pretty flowers.
In my hair!
(we found that flower on the ground by the way.)
Donkey friends...that bite.
We also saw a giant hog but my camera died.
Then we met a goat who was eating out of Brocks hand.
And a cow... i didn't know cows were that big... his shirt said xxxl.

Eiffel Tower

So this may seem silly to some... but for as long as I remember I've had this dream about slow dancing on top of the eiffel tower... yes I know painfully cheesy... like blue cheese cheesy... it's not a mild cheesy like brie... you don't have to watch the video... at least I warned you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day four.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery... and maybe the best grave there.
My only friend the end... says Mr. Morrison.
I go all the way to Paris...
and forgot my red lipstick to kiss Oscars grave.
Oh Edith!
After market carnage in China town...
this part of town also smells like a urinal... who knew?
And maybe the reason I keep going back to Europe...
the coffee.
Shakespeare and Company bookstore...
I'm sitting where Ginsberg slept.
Ashley misses Tonka so much...
she befriended this one eared stuffed goat...
which I loving named Van Goat.
The sad thing about a small kitchen is you have to improvise...
sorry about the bedspread stains... please don't keep the deposit...
thank you... the tourist.

Magnolia Electric Co.

Last night we caught Magnolia Electric Co at Café de la Danse... most of the songs they played were from their Songs Ohia record to the delight of this boy... in Paris they go on early and finish before 10:30... which leaves more time for drunken debauchery and moustache counting ... refer to the post below... the best night so far... despite the concussion... I'm okay though Mom.