Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day five.

Today we went to Versailles.
i'm almost too tired to type.
So much walking....
This is the orangerie. Amazing.
We saw people trimming the hedges by hand.
There were oranges, pomegranates, limes, plums (sorta), peaches.
Small Brock. Big stairs.
One thing i've learned about Brock:
He hates cherubs.
A lot.
Miranda told Brock,
"Once you've seen one gold room, you've seen them all."
She was right.
The highlight of Versailles was Marie Antoinette's house.
This was her bedroom. And her furniture.
i was going to make a joke about all the men she brought home...
but they clearly wouldn't have fit in that tiny bed.
This is the Queen's Hamlet...
très beau.
Pretty flowers.
In my hair!
(we found that flower on the ground by the way.)
Donkey friends...that bite.
We also saw a giant hog but my camera died.
Then we met a goat who was eating out of Brocks hand.
And a cow... i didn't know cows were that big... his shirt said xxxl.

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