Saturday, September 12, 2009

This week....

(written while on the train to Paris)

i never miss an opportunity to make a list so here is my top ten things i hope to do while in Paris. i’m curious to see if Brock will indulge me in my sick need to plan and organise and prepare his own list. (please?!)

i’ll update with pictures as i cross things off.

  1. sleep in. i won’t need to let Tonka outside and Brock won’t need to give Primus his shot and neither of us needs to go to work.
  2. eat lunch in a park. Preferrably in the garden at Musee de Rodin. Cheese, bread and tomatos. Love.
  3. see a movie in an old cinema. Hopefully in English.
  4. Day trip to Versailles. Complete with daydream of Jason Schwartzman and i playing hide and seek in the garden in fabulous clothes.
  5. Shop. Just a teensy bit. Brock wants records, i want makeup, French lingerie and thigh high boots.
  6. One night of sloppy drunken debauchery. Hopefully planned the night before the morning i get to sleep in. (there may not be pictures for that one...)
  7. Order cheese at a Fromagerie without making a total ass of myself.
  8. Sacre Couer. i’ve never seen it and it looks beautiful. i want to run up the stairs as fast as my little legs will carry me like i did at St. Pauls when i was little, embarassing my mother.
  9. hold hands.
  10. visit a cemetery.

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