Thursday, June 6, 2013

Changes in Beyoglu.

We walked to Galata Tower at midnight... because well... the jetlag has gotten to us... and the Turks love to street drink in the neighbourhood we're staying in... I have no idea if it has to do with the protests or that's just Beyoglu... but I am always down with street Efes!

The next day we hopped on the ferry and headed to the Prince's Islands... this is my ferry face.

We were excited to get back on bikes again... and the guy we rented bikes from proudly proclaimed he was renting me his bike because I was tall... too bad he was 5'4... so I laughed at him out loud and possibly all the while pointing... turns out this Superior bike was the biggest piece of shit I've ever ridden... several times I thought it was just going to break apart underneath me... but alas I live to tell the tale.

Oh yeah... cats are everywhere in Istanbul... this little mangy dude hung out with us for a few hours while I secretly drank beer out of a bag to avoid some moron that said it wasn't allowed... he also made us pay him four lira to sit at the picnic table... yes paid picnic tables... tourists love the islands.

The Prince's Islands are also home to some beautifully restored Victorian-era Ottoman houses... the magpie was keeping watch a top of the gate... so many magpies... don't drop anything shiny!

There are also no cars allowed on the islands and the only source of transportation is bikes and horse drawn carriages... this is me in the horse parking lot... we also dubbed the island... horse poop island... the smell was intense... and however unwilling I rode that crappy superior bike through several piles of dung.

Babies seagulls wanted our lunch... turns out Mom has to consume it first then regurgitate the baby food... even the gulls didn't want my food... did I mention how hard it is to be a vegetarian here?

View from the ferry on the way back into Istanbul.

At the protests everyone loves the Anonymous masks, swimming goggles, whistles and gas masks... I don't think the tear gas will return but if it does these folks are ready.

This is the street by where we're staying and the crowds never let up... lots of singing and clapping and so many different faces in the crowd... adults, seniors and kids... everyone wants a better Turkey... this isn't your Montreal protest full of students... these people want real change.

Just outside of Gezi Park... at some point the other day they hijacked a bulldozer and blocked off all four entrances ti the park so the police couldn't reenter... creative.

We found the only Indian restaurant in Istanbul... it was good to be a veggie again... while the protesters sang and the fireworks went off we chowed down... another wonderful day in Istanbul!

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