Thursday, September 20, 2012


I left you yesterday with tales of our trip to the aquarium but Genova hasn't been all fish and octopuie.

Wednesday we were meant to make our way to Cinque Terre but we woke up that morning, saw the blackest sky we've seen since our arrival in Italy are realised that there were probably better times to check the weather than an hour prior to our departure. As the five towns were calling for thunder showers all day, we decided to stay in the city and skipped the planned hike.

I'm not going to lie - I'm a little gutted. I've wanted to see Cinque Terre since leaving Italy six years ago but I have no interest in a five hour hike in the pouring rain with an angry ginger. Go figure, I like life easier than that.

No worries. We've filled up our day in Genova and made it count. I really do love this city.

We found a great bar last night so today we spent too many hours ditching galleries and getting wasted in the sun that eventually arrived. Time. Well. Spent.

By the way, if you're ever traveling round these parts, make sure to order a vodka coke. If 7 Euros seems steep, don't worry. Each glass comes with approximately 3 and a half shots and coke in a separate glass. So uh... I feel like I'll be hung over for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow we're off to Florence. Woot woot.

Here are some more pictures from Genova. Try not to fall in love with my life right now.

Oh good. I see you left me room for some coke. Too bad it's still clear when I add it.

Worst. Garden. Ever. I just... I can't. Seriously, visit our house if you wanna see a garden.

Saddest Lion in Genova.

Scooter parking!

Palazzo Cat Stretches.

Worst Falafel Place. Just terrible.

Nice Buildings. Bad Photographer Skillz.


Ok, so this photo is creepy. But we saw these adorable twins twice in Genova. They are so chubby that when they stretch their arms you can see their skin is white in the fat folds. Which coincidentally happens when I stretch my arms only it's significantly grosser on me.

So that's Genova.

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