Sunday, September 23, 2012


So everyone knows Italy has great food... even if you haven't been here... but stay far away from there ginger soda... shit tastes like sticks in rubbing alcohol!

But ribollita on the other had is heaven in a bowl... it's a soup made with day old bread and vegetables... and the restaurant Za Za in Florence makes a great one! We've been twice since coming to Florence and I won't rule out a third time.

And yes the pasta... when I return to Canada I may never it pasta again... it takes an Italian 10 months to change a light bulb... but they make up for it with truffle linguini.

And just like everywhere in Europe... cheese is a right... this massive piece of parmesan cost $6... at home you would drop about $20 on it... and it literally melts in your mouth.

Huge statues with wieners EVERYWHERE!

Walking over the bridge in Florence... in the distance is Ponte Vecchio... the entire bridge is lined with goldsmiths.

We went to the market one morning and bought fresh pasta and sauce... our huge meal cost us about $13... I would become one fat man here.

We walked up to Piazza Michelangelo and watched the sunset and the police play games with the Africans selling illegal handbags... the police show up they runaway... the police leave they set backup... then they return two minutes later... hilarious!

More nude statues and me licking Davids' balls... this obviously isn't the real David... you can't take photos of him.

The Domo at night... it's fun to sit in the square and people watch.

So pizza is a staple... if you go a day without... you're missing out!

Ashley insisted we go to La Specola... and it's probably the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life... not in Europe... but the greatest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon... the weird thing is that it's completely empty... not a single tourist in sight... which was fine with me... no lines and no tour groups... half of the Specola is taxedermied animals made is the late 1800's... they have everything from a hippo to a dodo bird... the other half is wax mannequins used to teach medical students a few hundred years ago... if you go to Florence it is a must see!

So Italians have so of the most beautiful art in the world... but there system is completely archaic... you can wait in one line and pay the standard price... or you can pay more and get into a slightly faster line... or you can join a group with a guide and walk right inside... but the groups ruin the galleries here... as Ashley says, "If it isn't named after a Ninja Turtle they blow past it!"... crowding around the most important pieces of art and ruining it for all... they are mostly American (fuck you Rick Steves!)... and Asian... and the worst part is most of the people in those groups could careless about art... Italy needs to fix this asap... sometimes it shouldn't be about money... but I guess the mafia and Rick Steves need to make money somehow... there should be one line with one price.

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