Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ok. We're here.

Hi Friends.

For the fam reading - sorry for the delayed update. We've been at the pub. There were wireless issues etc. but I'd like to be clear; the real reason is that we, and mostly Brock, have been at the pub. In fact, as I type this Brock is drunkingly slurring 'tell them I've been to six - no seven SEVEN pubs.' Yeah... it's day three folks.

The last two nights have come and gone quickly but were amazing fun. My family, Katie and Richard (and adorable pup penny) were phenomenal hosts in their old cottage home. We went on walks in fields to play fetch with Penny and into small towns to drink at local pubs. My fav so far was definitely the legion in Elstead with low ceilings, flagstone floors and cheap (CHEAP!!!!) drinks. And did I mention... little miss Penelope joined us on all journeys. Thai food. Pubs. She was there. I wish Tonka could go to pubs! I think he would love it.

On one of our walks with Penny she introduced me to some horse friends of hers. I swear, the little blonde one wears more eyeliner than I do. Way too cute.

Today we arrived in Brighton after a quick drive. Yeah that's right. A drive. As in I DROVE THERE!!! Richard and I picked up the rental car yesterday and to my dismay they gave us a massive upgrade. I begged for a downgrade so I could have a smaller car but that was all they had. It is huge and so difficult to maneuver. Richard gave me some quick lessons yesterday while patiently and calmly directing me to drive on the left side and stops hitting the curb. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so scared that I would drive us off a cliff, on the wrong side of the road no less. But it was totally smooth sailing. I'll have to take a picture of me beside the beast so you can understand its size.

I will have to post more about Brighton later on but here's a quickie:
We found a hat shop and both have new headgear. Brock's hat makes him look like Captain Highliner and has requested to be called the following names:
1. Ginger Highliner
2. Brock the Highliner
3. Captain Ginger
4. Captain Brock Highliner

Then Brock found the Great Eastern Pub (#6!) which he had researched and we had a vegetarian Sunday Roast. Ab Fab. We of course had to stop at the first of three Brighton record stores another pub and then a charming greaser on the way home from too many drinks called 'Extreme Flame' for (disgusting!) veggie burgers. 

Now we're lying in our separate twin beds (I do think Brighton might just be the world capital for romance) and watching British telly (after I drunkenly demanded the night manager fix it!). Our hotel room is pumping the heat and the windows are wide open in an attempt to combat the lack of temperature control.

On to Nanny's on Tuesday. Word on the street is, she's joined us in the 21st century and has gone wireless. 


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  1. captain thigh-miner! bet he looks handsome to all the sea-men!