Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sitting in the tea room, eating wasabi peanuts, wearing sweat pants.

 Friends, we have been doing so much awesome stuff it's hard to fit it all onto the blog. And also annoying. My computer has been having mucho trouble connecting to wireless over here. Constant freezing. Constant internet crashing. As I type this, I am sitting in the luxurious tea room at the Sheraton Park Lane while, you guessed it, eating wasabi peanuts and wearing sweat pants in an attempt to get a decent internet signal. Don't worry mum, I threw a blazer over my tshirt so I still look like total class from the table up. 

Ok. So where did we leave off? Probably with me detailing one meal or another.
Which brings me our delightful time at Mildred's; a great veggie restaurant near soho. 
Fun fact, Brock and I were both here in 2008 (before we met) about a week apart.
Cute, non?
Brock had the ale pie and I had the burrito.  

Afterwards we stopped off at Hamley's which is still so much fun. I remember my mum taking my brother and I there and she explaining, probably to Justin, that it was the biggest toy store and had five whole floors of toys. 
And I totally thought she was doing that adult exaggeration thing to make it sound more appealing to me. Mum and Dad - I admit it; you've never lied to me.
Can you tell I miss Tonka?

Um... I really wanted every single Harry Potter replica wand. 
I just kept saying, "but 24 pounds really isn't that much."
and then hearing Brock tell me that replica or otherwise, wands don't do anything. 

Last night we were in Camden for a show at the Koko. Brock had told me before hand that it was like a nice version of the Opera House in Toronto. It was way nicer. And I actually used the bathroom at the Koko so that says a lot.

We were going to see Patrick Wolf. Rowdy Superstar opened for him and it was a riot. I don't know if that's a compliment or not.... RS was such a spectacle; I really enjoyed it.

Patrick Wolf on the other hand was unbelievable. I wasn't super familiar with his music before but having listened to some through Brock I wasn't expecting such an elegant performance. It was so amazing as he described meeting the love of his life at the same venue three years earlier. I know, I know. I'm a puss puss. Hush.

Oh yeah. Then I drank too much.

After the show I demanded that Brock take me to get noodles. Meaning some cheap nasty take out noodles that I could eat in an alley and feel quiet shame by myself. 

Instead, Brock takes me to a restaurant because he wants to get a beer. And instead of sitting across from me, he sits beside me on the back bench so the ENTIRE restaurant (which is tiny and full of sober people) is facing us. So much for quiet shame. Me and my 10 closest London friends got to watch me shovel noodles into my mouth with chop sticks.

The highlight was definitely being handed a menu and immediately handing it back and saying,
"I just want noodles. Vegetarian and lots of them."

This morning after sleeping off a slight hang over we headed to Harrods and I immediately hit the food hall. Both Brock and I were amazed and impressed with the customer service at Harrods. No one misses a beat in offering the Harrods card, assisting with directions and letting hobo's like myself try on many miu miu bags and chanel sunglasses with obviously no possibility of a purchase. Thanks guys! If I ever find thousands of dollars in the gutter I'll be sure to throw them your way.

And I tried a macaroon for the first time.
The verdict?

Later on we headed to Portobello Road but we missed a lot of the market. We still really enjoyed the antique shops. I picked up a brass fox door knocker for our future home. 

Then, you know, we went to another pub. It was an obvious local with 2 hilarious older men talking dating with the bar maid who was younger than me. So entertaining. 

The pub also had these really need little rooms all around the bar with doorways shorter than 5ft and beautiful dark wood and sand blasted windows separating them. Very pretty.

I found one of these stacking dolls for Brock's nephew. I used to have one as a little girl. It's a pretty cool toy. I hope he likes it. I also picked up a cute little Harrods bib and a dress for Courtney's new little girl. I'm so excited to have a little girl in my life to buy cute stuff for! Sorry Bryson; stuff for little girls is just way cuter than stuff for little boys.

Sad Brock?

Oh no. Just tired from all the record shopping.

Don't worry. Beer and veggie burgers make him good as new.

I think that's it for now. I'm gonna jet off to the room to jump on the bed and watch more awesome British telly. No joke - I love British television. CBC, take note. This is how it's done.

Two more sleeps and I'm home. Miss me?

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