Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sleeping in the Attic

Hi Friends.

Ok! We are in Poole. Or Poolie as B calls it. He's clever like that. 

We are staying at my Nan's (mum's mum) this week, sleeping in separate beds (a theme for this trip?) all the way up in the attic. And I must be honest; I was willing to sleep on separate floors as long as I still got 'my' room in the attic. 

Today was mega adventure day as we drove up to Bath to check out the hot springs the Romans left for us. We were trying to figure out what would be a good day trip and were initially going to see Stonehenge but after finding out that you can't touch the giant rocks even a little bit (does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that you can probably knock them over but no one knows that because they haven't tried in ages? Just sayin' I'm really strong) we decided on Bath.

Oh. And may I just add that once again, England has revealed its love for me as we have been graced with only beautiful weather. Just like every other time I'm here. Based on my experiences, it only rains in Wales.

In another life (the one where I roll in money in my free time) I would go back and visit one of Bath's lush spas. They seem superb. But today, we settled for the school child visit. Quite literally. I was asked if I was leading a school group when I went in and it was my look of disgust that settled that question. Throughout the Roman Bath Museum we were dodging and avoiding the school groups but there were too many. All carrying clipboards they kept yelling at their teacher, 
"Is this going to be on the test?!" 
"Is this one of the answers over here?!" 
Please oh please, let me have one million children. 

The Roman Baths were a lot of fun. They gave us (free) audio guides. And it's important I mention they were free because normally I'm too cool for school (ok, poor) to shell out for that fancery. But they were actually really good. Enlightening and what not.

After the museum we found a pub quick fast where Brock proudly declared it his ninth of the trip. For some reason we missed going to even one yesterday but I'm sure he'll make up for it tomorrow and somehow find time to visit at least three.

Brock and I gave the British Veggie Burger another go and this time it was a success. And by success I mean, bits of chopped up veggies, held together by cheese and deep fried. Yes please. Who says being veggie has to be healthier anyways?

Oh yeah. I had nacho's to start. 

After a nice walk through the park we headed back home. And I'll add at this point that I am a superb driver who can easily and masterfully navigate the narrow and windy streets of Bath. So take that. 

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