Friday, September 3, 2010

Christmas Eve... In September

Well friends, it's official. I have never been as excited for a trip as I am for this one. And I've been on some pretty awesome va-cay's. It is a combination of getting away from hectic work days, avoiding muggy weather/ rainy weekends, going to new places and travelling with a pretty sweet boy-dude. 

Brockerton to the left, my fine self on the right. 

I feel almost eager to nurse a hang over from having too much fun at a weird Eastern-Euro bar. I see acid wash jeans, strobe lights and old Alanis Morisette in my near future. That was my experience in Poland anyways, perhaps Prague will be more... cultured?

You might remember last year, when we spent a week in Paris, I had us well prepared. But not so much this time around. I have bought mini guides for Berlin and Prague, and while we flipped through on a patio one night, I resisted the urge to highlight and tag important pages. Instead, I am opting for more of a fly-by-the-seat-our-pants type dealio. I'm envisioning wandering, some shopping (records and shoes, I'm sure), some drinking and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Now, it's off to bed with me. The faster I go to sleep, the faster it will be morning. And then we're practically at a beer garden from there. 


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