Friday, September 17, 2010

Still in Hamburg.

Hi Friends!!!!

We are in starbucks stealing internet because we figured out this morning that we've spent nearly 50 Euro on internet the last two weeks. eek! Brock keeps yelling 'Blood bean.' He would be irritating the customers but they don't speak English so he's just irritating me. 

Hamburg is spectacular. That is all. Mum and Dad - you should come for the sailing. Dru - you should come for the straight razoring. Bobo - you should come for the babes. Heather - you should come and smoke inside in the winter! And shop. The shopping is really good.

Here are some pictures:

Here we are at China Time Hamburg.

That's what it's called.

The weather was crazy schizophrenic. 
It was dark and gloomy on one side.
Sunny time on the other.

So we had lunch.

Fill your plate for 7.50 Euro.

This is the police station. 
I think.
Brock says City Hall.

Which makes more sense. 

Boat cruise!!!
It was so informative.
By which I mean, entirely in German.
I took a nap.

Here is sketch town.
Someone tried to sell us weed.
He was walking around with a bamboo stick.
Possibly for beating.

Yada yada...
Then we got drunk.

Here is the down side of Hamburg, they make their drinks sooooo strong I have to carry Coke with me to water them down. And the tinier the place, the more smoke. Everything I have to keep me warm reeks of cigarette's.

Also, I would like to briefly clear up a mistake one of our dear readers made the other day. I, Ashley, am not the stinky one. Just for the record. I'm not saying I smell like daisy's at this present moment, but Brock is still known to Germans as 'the stinky one.' Brock however, would like me to add that he smells nowhere near as bad as Tonka. Which is true.

Bye friends!!!

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