Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Berlin part two!!!

I am writing this on the train to Hamburg. There is no internet, obviously, so it will be posted... at some point.
Berlin was beautiful but I left, and I think Brock would agree, feeling like I need more time there. It is so much like home but still so different. Our time was outstanding. Despite the mass amounts of rain.

Here are some balconies that are no more. 
The city redid the building to accommodate artists' studios. 

Look! We still like each other!!!

We cooked most of our meals but still enjoyed some more exceptional veggie food. A restaurant called Yellow Sunshine in the sketchy Parkdale-esque part of Berlin served amazing veggie curry-wurst and a veggie bacon cheese burger like I had never had before. Yummo.

We also did the required viewing of the Berlin wall during a soaking wet trip to the East Side Gallery. It had all been redone in 2009 so everything was different from when I was there last. Some of it had been moved around to accommodate new buildings like the O2 arena. It will be interesting to see how they continue to develop the land around the wall or whether Berlin will slowly begin to tear down what remains. 

On a voyage to one veggie restaurant, we passed a really cool shopping district that reminded me of a more developed Ossington Ave. in Toronto. There was an amazing hat store and I could’ve easily maxed out my credit card purchasing anything that would fit my head but I remained sensible and tried to leave with just what I could carry. When the shop keeper saw me trying to decided between two hats he offered me a deal to take both. I was basically forced to. You would’ve done the same.

I am now the proud new owner of a classic Stetson in green (I know, I know - a little silly buying an American hat all the way in Berlin but sssshhh) and a velour... chapeau. hahha. I have no idea what the shape is called but it is certainly a lady hat. Very versatile too. I could wear it to a funeral or a fall wedding!

On Brock’s command we also visited several record stores which weren’t the death of me. I will leave it to him to discuss in further detail. Sad to say I am not coming home with any Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn LP’s. 

Now I’m going to nap.

Oh yeah, we also both fell in love with Otto Dix. You weren't allowed to take pictures but I sneaked this one and I strongly recommend you also become big fans.

pps. Dru, this one is for you. 
It was just as good as you always said it would be.


  1. Umm we have those hand dryers here you at the Eaton Centre lol! Trip looks amazing can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. best hand dryers humanly possible