Friday, September 10, 2010

Czech Food Baby

Hi friends!

Brockster and I are leaving for Berlin tomorrow and good thing. If I stayed in this city another day, they would have to roll me down the hill and right out of the city... In the shock of all shocks, the food in Prague has been phenomenal. Brock did some mega research before leaving and found some really spectacular places to eat. I am currently sitting on our 3in thick imposter mattress looking somewhere between 8 and 9 months pregnant. 

The first place we hit up was following the 'hotel's' free 'breakfast.' Did you notice how I used quotes? That's because this is barely a hotel and whatever they tried to serve me this morning was hardly breakfast. Maybe I'll sneak down tomorrow on my way out for pictures. It was like the lunch scene on the egg farm in Napolean Dynamite. Eggy orange juice. Needless to say, I left this morning hung over, grumpy and hungry. aka charming. 

Country Life was recommended in our guide book so we headed down there and landed in a shitty health food store with some sad looking organic produce and crappy bread. I was inbetween tears and throwing a full out tantrum when Brock ushered me out the back door so I could stomp on the street when we stumbled upon the actual restaurant/ cafeteria. I have no words.... it was good. Great. One of the best meals I've ever eaten. 


Following breakfast/lunch we wandered the city until our shins started bleeding. Every muscle in my legs feels like it's on fire.
Pictures of the day below.

We stumbled across some traditional Czech dancing. 
They were rehearsing for a ceremony in the gardens behind the senate house. It was charming. 

Her sleeves were the puffiest sleeves of all the sleeves.

After 10 hours of walking we tried this gorgeous veggie restaurant Lehka Hlava in the evening. It was also... delicious. And thus came the food baby. More pictures of food below.

The brown glob is some sort of amazing eggplant masterpiece. 
With hummus, lentil salad, young olives and delicious feta.

Brock got a polenta gnocchi with smoked tofu 
and a goat cheese sauce. I got potato au gratin with roasted 
veggies and a salad with salsa and lemon dressing. 
Brock said he had never knew potatoes could taste so wonderful.


ps. George - we found another Avril on Charles Bridge.

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