Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Second night in Munich

Brock and I are both nursing slight hang overs at the moment. I'm not going to lie - not drinking beer is rough in Germany. For some reason, nowhere has rum or vodka. So I'm staying classy with to-go-sy's and doing shots of jager at beer gardens. Cute. Brock is obviously having no trouble with the beer. 

We went to Hofbrauhaus last night; the oldest beer house in Munich. It's large and loud and stands today only to quench the thirst of the city's tourists. There was a live band playing traditional Bavarian music and giant pitchers of beer that were meant for one person. 

Here are some pictures. 

Giant beer for my giant boyfriend.

The vegetarian food this time around has really impressed me. 
This was an amazing backed potato with delicious salad and sooooo cheap.

Brock made friends with an Austrian.
Here they are discussing passports and the United States.

Law differences between Germany and Canada. 
It turns out there are some things that just don't bother Canadians.

And of course, the differences between two beers.
His German friend concluded that Oktoberfest beer was more 'psychedelic.'
Not stronger. Psychedelic. 

In other news, I love lederhosen. And do declare that every man should own and frequently wear a pair. 


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  1. I'm w/ you on beer is gross! Looks like Jager for me if I ever make my way to Germany...good thing I'm a fan ;) Although, it's hard to be social when you're sipping a shot glass lol!