Monday, September 6, 2010


We have arrived!
We did in fact arrive yesterday, following a long plane ride. And then a 3 hour train ride where I was sat next to a smelly Johnny Depp look alike from when Johnny had Winona, and apparently, a neck pillow. I’m not going to lie - travelling yesterday was rough town and has made me rethink (albeit briefly) about going to India.
Initial impressions: 
Whenever you think it’s too early to have a beer, there is a German, somewhere, who has already had several. 
So many dogs! It makes me miss Tonka with all my heart. They are in our hotel, on the streets. And they are soooo well behaved. 
When you say you like stinky cheese, they take it as a challenge. Brock doesn’t feel the same as I do, but I’m a little afraid of German cheese now. Thank god for balconies - because that’s where our cheese lives. 
It’s gorgeous in Munich. Trees everywhere. Kind people. But damn stupid ice machines.  We are having a fantastic time and I’m so excited to go to Prague! 
Following a delightful nap in the afternoon we are off to take Brocks beer garden virginity. I hope they have rum.
Here are some pictures so you know what’s up!

ps. Brock would like me to add - The pretzels are huge!

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